Research Associate

Company Name:
Supports project research activities by assisting in planning and conducting field experiments and ensuring high quality information delivery. Approximately half the time will be spent conducting all aspects of the Harvest Moisture/Drying Sensitivity experiment including assisting development of entry lists, plot layout, entering experiments into management system, precision application of treatments, precision harvest, preparation and imposition of drying treatments, post-drying sample processing, data analysis and reporting.
A second key activity involves supporting investigative research to improve understanding of maize inbred performance and management including precision phenotyping and identification and development of new evaluation methodologies. A third key activity will involve supporting maize hybrid advancement and activities to support inbred characterization and data management for Parent Test including development of improved data management systems.
Provides support for execution of various experiments, including precision phenotyping and seed management. Manages Parent Test data, files, and databases for data collection, manipulation, and reporting for seed yield calculations, hybrid advancement, and information delivery to Production Agronomists.
Assists Parent Test with all aspects of the Seed Inbred Harvest Moisture and Drying Sensitivity experiment including plot management, application of treatments, harvest, sample preparation, data collection, review, analysis and interpretation. Identifies, suggests and if approved implements improvements to existing protocols and information reported. Mines, authenticates, analyzes and summarizes data generated in the experiment for improved seed parent harvest management methods for seed production.
Supports Parent Test and Pre-Foundation Seed investigative research. Plans and executes new experiments in consultation with scientists, adapting procedures as required to maintain efficient process, on time, prioritized, and delivering on goals. Includes all aspects of experiments from planning to data analysis, including experiment layout, requesting seed, seed filling, data collection, harvesting, post-harvest sample processing and data analysis. Assist in precision phenotyping for molecular marker and other studies as assigned. Execute studies to improve understanding and management of male parents in seed production. Assists Scientists to develop new techniques / methodologies for inbred assessment.
Provides Parent Test project support via data collection file preparation, data management and development / maintenance of improved systems. Analyzes data, extracts information and maintains files to support research scientists for inbred development and hybrid advancement activities.
Develop and execute ongoing lab safety program.
Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree in an agriculture or scientific related field and minimum of 2 to 4 years of industry related experience or equivalent amounts of relevant education and experience.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills and computer skills including Access, Excel, and SAS. Must have aptitude to learn PRISM, SPIN, and various database systems. Must be able to work independently with limited supervision. May be required to do physical lifting and work in varying ergonomic environments.
Job: Research & Development
Organization: Pioneer
Title: Research Associate
Location: Iowa-Johnston
Requisition ID: RES00002632

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